SQL Recovery after Logical Database Corruption

Published: 03rd November 2008
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MS SQL Server is the most popular and widely used Relational Database Management System, developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used by a number of organizations to effectively manage their precious data.

Though, it is considered as a reliable way to store business critical data, but sometimes you may face corruption in your SQL Server database. After corruption, the entire database becomes completely inaccessible and you may fall in need to SQL recovery.

SQL database corruption can be categorized in two forms: logical corruption and physical corruption.

The logical corruption is where something has modified some data and a data relationship has got broken. Feasible reasons of logical database corruption are as follows:

 Application bug- Sometimes the application malfunction can delete some inherent data and may lead to corruption. Improper use of database constraint could also cause the application fault and finally database corruption. Improper use o roll back function could also be the reason of same.

 Accidental deletion of important system files such as transaction log files.

 Virus attack to the database

 Improper use of database repair commands or consistency check functions.

The main point here is that logical corruption is caused by the software and thus does not require any hardware components and tools to be fixed.

In case of logical database corruption, the MDF recovery is feasible with the help of third party applications known as SQL recovery software.

SQL recovery software are specially designed to meet different users' MDF recovery related requirements. These SQL repair software are very easy to use and allows you to have swift and trouble free MDF repair.

SQL repair software are applicable to most of the MDF corruption cases and can repair and restore all of the objects of corrupted MDF file. SQL recovery software are fully automated and thus does not require any ser interaction to carry out MDF recovery.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery is the most trustworthy and highly developed SQL repair software which is able to repair and restore all of the SQL Server objects including tables, reports, forms, macros and many alike. This MDF repair software comes equipped with interactive and cool looking user interface and thus does not demand any sound technical knowledge from users' side.

Phoenix SQL recovery is powerful enough to perform complete and systematic scan of entire database and repair it up to the maximum level of possibility.

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