Spindle Crash and Hard Disk Recovery

Published: 19th May 2009
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Spindle motor is the critical hard disk internal as it is responsible for turning platters. The basic hard disk structure includes a set of platters mounted on a spindle, which is rotated by a drive motor. It offers consistent and reliable power source so that your hard disk can functions for hours. Consider a situation, you turn your computer system and observe that hard disk is not spinning anymore. This might be due to spindle or drive motor damage. When disk platters don't get the driving mechanical force and support, they sit back and can't let you access data. These types of situations are efficiently handled by Hard Drive Recovery experts. They apply certain technical and safe procedures so as to extract lost information.

A spindle motor can crash down due to endless number of reasons. Some of them are enlisted below:

Vibrations and shocks: If a hard drive suffers bumps or jars in some fashion, spindle motor or shaft can broke down or get slightly bent. It generally happens in externa hard drives.

Fluid Dynamic Bearing breakdown: Modern hard drives use Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) instead of traditional ball bearings so as to meet increasing trends of areal density. But, when they break down, can cause inability of spindle to spin up to attain proper speed. In such cases, you hear strange whirring sounds from your hard drives.

Spindle IC failure: It is the chip that controls the speed of rotation of spindle. Spindle IC can get failed due to electrical issues and results spindle crash.

Apart from above reasons, manufacturing faults can also contribute to make spindle fail. Over the last few years, manufacturers have been constantly ratcheting their products to increase hard disk performance. But, this is causing negative impacts on disk reliability. However, to overcome such issues and to successfully recover lost data, you can avail hard drive recovery software service. Spindle crash doesn't affect storage area (platters). Thus, if spindle crash is the sole reason responsible for hard disk crash, suitable Hard Disk Recovery procedures can give full recovery results. In this service, hard disk technicians apply advanced component level procedures that are safe and complete.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the world's leading providers of hard drive recovery  services. It facilitates safe data recovery through Class 100 Clean Rooms. With extraordinarily excellence to recover data in each physical cause, this disk recovery service is available for SCSI, SATA, IDE and EIDE hard drives.


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