Resolving Unknown error 1436 in iPod

Published: 06th October 2009
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iTunes is an application used in iPod that organizes and plays digital music and video files. It provides sync between an iPod and a computer. Sometimes, while formatting or updating an iPod in iTunes, the iPod encounters certain error messages that demands its restoration. After restoring the iPod to its default settings, you can retrieve your lost data using an updated data backup. But, in cases where the backup is not available, absent or incomplete, there it is recommended to use a third-party application known as iPod data Recovery Software.

For instance - sometimes, when you plug in your iPod, you might encounter the below error message:

"An unknown error occurred (1436)"

This error message states that the iPod is corrupt and is needed to be restored. But, when you try to restore your iPod, the process fails and you further encounter the following error message:

"iPod could not be restored"

When this error message appears, the data stored in the iPod becomes inaccessible and you encounter this error message each time you try to restore your iPod.


The most prominent reason for the above issue is corruption in iTunes.


You can try to update the latest version of iTunes in the iPod to resolve the above problems. The new version of the iTunes might assist you. But, if the problem persists, then consider the below measures:

Replug your iPod.

Disable or Enable Disk used on your iPod.

Try to connect your iPod to a different USB port.

Disable or remove third-party USB devices, if any.

But, if the problem still continues, then you need to format the iPod disk. Formatting your iPod will delete all your important data from the iPod. In such situations, a powerful Software will enable you to recover and restore all your lost data comprehensively. The iPod recovery application employ advanced scanning methods to recover your data completely. The interactive graphical user-interface of the iPod Recovery tool makes it easily understandable.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is an exceptional iPod Recovery utility that recovers your lost or inaccessible data quickly and systematically. The non-destructive software recovers all kinds of music files, documents, graphics, audio books, and other files. This recovery application is compatible with most of the generations of iPod like, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Mini. This iPod data recovery software is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

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