Improper Ejection of the iPod May Cause Data Loss

Published: 18th February 2010
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Are you facing problems while disconnecting or removing your iPod from the computer? Does your iPod stop responding after disconnecting? Does your system not let you eject iPod properly. On disconnecting it improperly, the iPod disk would become inaccessible.

This behavior makes stored files inaccessible and leads to critical file loss situations. At this point, you are left with no option, but to carry out iPod Recovery to get your mission critical data back.
In a practical scenario, you encounter the following error message while trying to disconnect your iPod from your system:

"Cannot disconnect generic volume at this time. Disconnect at later time."

In this case, if you improperly disconnect the iPod from your system, it may lead your iPod disk to crash, thus damaging its software, and affecting your valuable files. Incorrect removal of the iPod can also cause the iPod disk to freeze.

When you connect your iPod to either Macintosh or Windows machine, it is controlled with the iTunes. You can synchronize your iPod with your computer using this application and read/write data from/to the iPod disk. You can safely remove the iPod from your computer using 'Eject' in iTunes. The iPod can also be disconnected through the 'Safely Remove Peripherals' option in system tray.

Improper removal of the iPod may damage its critical data structures. After corruption to the iPod data structures and other system files, iPod may not be able to locate or access the stored data and thus may lead to critical data loss situations.

In order to sort out the above problem, you need to reconnect your iPod to the computer and then run iPod Update Application and reinstall or update the iPod software. If your computer can not recognize the iPod, you have to restore the iPod.

Though, the above method may fix your problem, they can not help you to perform iPod Data Recovery. Thus your valuable songs, images, videos, podcasts, and other graphic files remain inaccessible.

In such circumstances, iPod Recovery Software come to your rescue. The applications are particularly designed to carry out in-depth scan of entire iPod disk and extract all lost, missing, and inaccessible files from it. They enable you to carry out iPod Recovery on your own as they have simple, interactive, and self-descriptive user interface.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the most advanced and powerful software that ensures absolute recovery of all your lost multimedia files from iPod. The iPod recoverysoftware is available in two different versions, one for Windows and another for Macintosh operating systems. It supports recovery from, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle.

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