Hard Disk Platters and Data Recovery

Published: 17th April 2009
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Hard disk platters are what actually store data in the drive. There are two basic substances, used in overall making of disk platters: substrate (structuring material of platters) and magnetic coating (material retaining actual data in the form of magnetic impulses). The magnetic coating is normally made of any cobalt-based alloy. For the reason that platters store real data, substrate and magnetic material are critical. These are extremely at risk to dust-like particles. Thus when the hard drive is assembled, a manufacturer take precise care of using contamination free surroundings through Clean Rooms and so is done when Hard Disk Recovery is carried out.

There can be number of platters, depending upon the design of hard disk. Where few of them use 2-3 numbers of platters, others can have dozens of them. Irrespective of platters count, all these platters spin as a single unit. All these platters are centrally connected to a spindle, which is in-turn operated by spindle motor. Similar to normal diss, each platter has two surfaces. Each of the surfaces is usable to read/write data and hence there is a designated head for each of them. These heads ideally float at a negligible amount of distance from the surfaces.

In concern of hard drive failure, platters and their data may go wrong in numerous numbers of ways and Hard Drive Recovery odds depend in each case:

 Read/write head crash is the most common hard drive failure case. In these cases, head comes in contact with platters due to high-intensity shocks like cases. If operated, hard disk may lose data permanently if magnetic material gets scratched off. In the absence of any magnetic impulses, even experts fail to extract data from affected platters' area.

 Another threat for the platters' magnetic material develops when they are subject to magnetic waves and extreme heat. While such cases, magnetic impulses may disturb (during magnetic waves) or material may evaporate (during heat). As per data recovery perspective, thee are negligible chances to recover data.

 Spindle may bend or break while external shocks or other such mishappening. As a result, platters may go out of their actual alignment. There are fair chances of  hard drive recovery software  in such cases until some above quoted cause may render data unreadable.

Hard Disk Recovery experts claim to recover data with the advanced tools and procedures. While head crash, they replace or repair heads to extract possible data. However if even a single platter is out of its alignment, other will also lose ability to give data. Thus experts follow up careful procedures such as moving the platters to some other healthy drive and extract lost information. All these steps are carried out in sterile Clean Rooms.

Stellar Information Systems Limited offers best hard drive recovery  of the industry. It is carried out n Class 100 Clean Rooms. Experts of Stellar are well aware of precise hard drive internal level procedures and technically extract data. Stellar offers services for SCSI, SATA and PATA like hard drive interfaces.


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