"CRC Corrupt, Can't Extract File" Error in Zip

Published: 01st September 2008
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A .cab or cabinet file is a library of zipped files stored in a single archive. These files are used to organize installation files which are copied to the user's system. A large compressed file could be spread over many .cab files.

.Cab is a group of files which are compressed using ZIP and downloaded together into a single archive. In order to access a single file from the compressed archive, it is required to extract it.

Each file compressed in .cab file is stored entirely within a single folder. A cabinet file might contain one or more folders or portions of folders. These are generally application or device drives that are extracted and installed on your system to avail specific services.

Under some circumstances, when you try to extract the zip archive to use the .cab file, you may fail to do it. Instead of completing the extraction process, zip may give you an error message similar to the following:

"Data2.cab, CRC corrupt. Cannot extract files"

This error message gets displayed every time when you try to extract the zipped folder.

Grounds of the difficulty

As the error message states, the zip archive has got damaged due to the CRC corruption. The CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check of the zip archive has not completed and it can't be extracted.

Due to corruption, zip archive can't be extracted and you can't access the files stored on it. It is really very grave situation for a computer user and needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

In such circumstances, it is required to repair the zip archive and extract it to access the files. Zip repair is possible through the help of third party applications known as Zip recovery software.

Zip recovery software are the specially designed application programs to meet different users' zip corruption related troubles. These software can repair the damaged zip archive in each and every case of corruption and are capable of extracting the zip archive.

Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery is the exclusive solution for all of your zip corruption problems. It is highly developed zip recovery software to repair and restore the damaged and corrupted zip files and zip archives which don't open due to corruption.

This is very easy to use zip repair software with rich graphical support and interactive user interface. An extensive scan of the damaged zip is carried out by this outstanding zip recovery software with the help of powerful algorithms and a repaired zip file is resulted.

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